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Top 9 Reasons to Start an Online Bag Business Today

Whew! Bag making is addictive. Irrespective of how sometimes it becomes so frustrating especially the birthing step, I don’t mind doing it again. Do you feel the same? If so then I’m sure you are also running out of space for storing all the gorgeous bags you made but don’t know what to do with them.

Let me ask you, have you considered selling all those bags? Have you considered starting an online bag business? Here are top 9 reasons why you should stop thinking and start acting on your thoughts TODAY!

Top 9 Reasons to Start an Online Bag Business Today

1.Ability to target large pool of customers

If you ever grew up in a big city you know that’s where all the fun is. I know this because I’m a hard core big city girl. No I’m not putting up an argument, but there are some really good advantages of staying in big cities especially from a business point of view. Big cities are best for offline businesses. Why? There are lots of people which means lots of potential customers plus there’s the advantage to charge higher prices.

But what if you live in a small remote town? Now that’s a major problem. Which is why online business is the way to go because it will allow you to target people outside your area, city and state or even internationally. How big you want to go is up-to you, but one thing is for sure, you can really increase your reach by taking your business online. Plus with the help of today’s sophisticated technology and our frienemy (friend+enemy) Facebook, targeting customers outside your local area has become a breeze.

2. Helps you get ahead of your competitor

Let’s say you and your neighbor both sell bags at local craft shows/boutiques. But then you come up with this brilliant idea (cz you’re so awesome!) to set up an online store as well. Your die hard fans can now drool over your bags while they’re on Facebook and Instagram, they’d know what’s in stock, what’s not, they can also interact with you online and get more crazy about your brand.

Or lets say this one woman (a crazy fan of your handmade bags) who has to go to a wedding next week wants to purchase a bag from the boutique where you sell, but she sprained her ankle and is not able to make it to the store. What does she do? She just visits your online store and places an order. Bang! S0, who wins in this situation. Obviously you! Because you were smart enough to set up an online shop.


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3. Helps you increase your price

Y’see, sometimes we may live in an area where the average income of each household in that area might be too low for the people in that area to afford high priced bags. That’s a major disadvantage for you and you shouldn’t let that hold you back. Going online will help you charge higher prices to customers outside your area. So you can sell lower priced items locally and higher priced items nationally.

4. Perfect for introverts

All my introvert buddies, this one’s for you! Like me, if you’re horrified by a crowded place full of humans doing ten different things and if the idea of constantly smiling and talking sounds tiring to you, online business is YOUR THING. Really. All you gotta do is sit behind a computer screen and type everything. You choose when you have to talk and when you stop, you’re the boss. No forced interactions, just peace.

5. Perfect for those who hate being salesy

Hate telling anyone and everyone again and again about the bag you just made and is up for sale? No worries. Just put up an online shop. Pin and share your bag on social media, make it go viral and BOOM! Sales after sales after sales. And no one would hate you either or dread your presence or call you “bag sales pitcher” or something.

6. Low set-up costs

Those who have done craft shows know very well how expensive it can be at times. Want to know how much it takes to set up a simple online store? Be ready to be amazed! ONLY $16/mo if you don’t want your own domain name. With domain name it takes $23 ONLY for the first month and $16 for the next. Could be $12/mo if you purchase the yearly package.

How do I know? Because I just finished setting up my online store at on SquareSpace. Click here to check it out. And if you’re wondering how difficult it is, trust me it’s VERY easy compared to some other service available out there like WordPress. Only took me a day for the whole set up and thanks to their helpful resources I was able to solve the problems I was stuck at in few minutes. Also, it requires zero maintenance.

7. Freedom to work from home

Ah! Who doesn’t love to work in PJs. I’m sure everyone will agree with this one. Having an online business gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want, whenever you want, literally. The only time you need to step outside the house is to get the orders shipped or to buy new supplies. Imagine how much you would save on gas!

8. More potential to grow

Once you’re online, the extend to which you can grow is tremendous especially thanks to social media. If all the superb tech is put to use the correct way, success is guaranteed in the online world.

9. Lots of tips and training to learn from

With the evolution of Internet, online business is becoming more and more sophisticated everyday. You can find gazillion books and experts to teach you the tid bits of running an online business like a boss. The resources available are ENDLESS which means there couldn’t be a better time to start an online business than now.

What to do now?

Alright, so these were the top 9 reasons why you need to really start an online BAG business.

If by now you’re thinking okay Javeriya, I’m in. What do I do now? Where do I begin? Well, worry not buddy! I got your back.

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That’s all for now, see you in your inbox. XD


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