Launch Your Awesome Bag Store Giveaway

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There are some really essential things that you need to run an online bag store, just like all the ingredients you need to make your favorite cookies.

If you miss one ingredient, your cookies will turn out below average and JUST like that, if you miss an important thing for your bag business store, it won’t take off.

So what are those essentials for running an online bag business store?

  1. An awesome WP hosting service provider aka your shop’s home
  2. A domain name aka your shop’s address
  3. A gorgeous shop theme which gives a professional look to your shop
  4. Photography set-up to take beautiful bag photos
  5. A photography software to edit your bag photos to bring out the best in them
  6. Lastly, a step-by-step formula to guide you at every step of your shop launch to make sure you do not make any boo-boo!

Buying all the items on this list together can cost you almost a $1000. But….

WHAT IF…. I told you, you can get ALL OF THESE essentials for FREE!

Yep, you heard that right!

I’m hosting a giveaway where you can enter for a chance win ALL these bag store essentials for FREE, to help you start your bag business right away!



So who is this giveaway for?

Anyone who wants to take their bag business to the next level without investing any money!


What will the winner get?

A prize bundle worth $727 to set up your awesome bag store!

Here’s what’s included in the bundle:

  • 1 spot in the upcoming course Road to Online Bagpreneur ($297)
  • 1 year WordPress hosting at premium host – SiteGround for 1 WHOLE YEAR ($143)
  • 1 year domain name with SSL security certificate ($25)
  • A premium WordPress theme by Restored361 complete with Genesis framework (BEST for WordPress) ($125)
  • Studio Lights ($55)
  • Backdrops for photos ($33)
  • Professional photo editing software ($49)

Excited much?


Here’s what you have to do to enter:

  1. Click on the “click to enter” button given below.
  2. Enter your name and email address in the boxes.
  3. Share the giveaway to get 3 points for every bag maker you refer using your unique URL that you get by clicking “GET MORE POINTS”. The more bag makers you refer, the more points you get, and more chances for you to win! 😀

That’s ALL!

Contest by Rewards Fuel.

Ultimate Guide on How to Find a Niche For Your Handmade Bag Biz

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I LOVE social media. You get to meet such AWESOME people through it. That’s how I met Cheryl from Cheryl Quilts and Crafts and got to interview her about her craft booth biz. And that’s exactly how I met Erin, an AMAZING person with LOTS of knowledge on handmade biz.


Today, she’s sharing a VERY detailed post on finding a niche for your handmade bag biz,  and she’ll be covering

  • why it’s SO SO important to have a niche to be successful
  • and HOW to actually do it.

So, without further ado, over to Erin.

How to Find a Niche For Your Handmade Bag Biz


5 Reasons Online Bag Businesses Fail

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Have you ever wondered why?

Why sooooo many people start a biz every single day, but only a HANDFUL are able to make it to the top?

Why out of 1.6 million sellers on Etsy, only a few of them are earning in 6 figures?

The answer is….


To establish a successful bag biz, you need to work strategically and avoid these horrific mistakes when you’re starting out.


5 Things You Need to Take AWESOME Bag Photos

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When it comes to an online bag biz, nothing is MORE important than GORGEOUS AND CRISP bag photos, dear bagpreneur!

And that’s not just me, this is what gazillion online marketing experts say as well.

In-fact, a research done by Etsy showed that 90% of the time people made purchase based on the quality of the image. Here’s a graphical representation of the data obtained from the research.



How to Start an Online Handmade Bag Business – Complete Guide

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A Greek historian once said; “The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage.”

Seriously, what is life without freedom and liberty to do what we love whenever we want? As bag makers we all know how much we crave to make bags all day, everyday, non-stop.

It’s an addictive hobby!

But we are always restrained by the costs and supplies and the huge pile of finished but no-where-to-go bags.

If only there was a way to stay immersed in this creative world- all day, everyday. If only there was a way to start a business based on the thing you love the most, which is sewing bags.

An online handmade bag business!

In this post, I’m sharing step-by-step guide on how you can start an online handmade bag biz. You can use this as a road map to go from one step to another. Hopefully, with this guide you would be able to know where to begin and what route to follow. Let’s get started!


Pin this on your board for future reference!


Top 9 Reasons to Start an Online Bag Business Today

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Whew! Bag making is addictive. Irrespective of how sometimes it becomes so frustrating especially the birthing step, I don’t mind doing it again. Do you feel the same? If so then I’m sure you are also running out of space for storing all the gorgeous bags you made but don’t know what to do with them.

Let me ask you, have you considered selling all those bags? Have you considered starting an online bag business? Here are top 9 reasons why you should stop thinking and start acting on your thoughts TODAY!

Top 9 Reasons to Start an Online Bag Business Today