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5 Reasons Online Bag Businesses Fail

Have you ever wondered why?

Why sooooo many people start a biz every single day, but only a HANDFUL are able to make it to the top?

Why out of 1.6 million sellers on Etsy, only a few of them are earning in 6 figures?

The answer is….


To establish a successful bag biz, you need to work strategically and avoid these horrific mistakes when you’re starting out.

And the FIRST one among them is the

1. Wrong Mindset

Most of the time bag makers start out without a plan with just the mindset. “If I make it, they will buy it.”

Well, hello do you know how many other people out there are thinking the same? Gazillion. And they’re all making bags to sell by just setting up a shop on Etsy or Facebook or somewhere around the internet.

There’s more supply than demand, my dear friend.

Starting out with this mantra is just like throwing spaghetti on the wall or like playing the “toss a ball” game at the carnival. It’s like leaving things on chances which is NOT good for earning consistent income.

To be able to earn a consistent income, in the long run, you need to work strategically and lay a STRONG foundation for your business.

It might take a lot of time and money in the beginning but the end result will be SPLENDID, trust me.

2. Making Anything and Everything/Targeting Anyone and Everyone

This is ANOTHER horrible mistake I’ve seen EVERYONE make including myself.

The truth about any business is, the more niched your business is the more profitable it will turn out.

But it took me VERY long to figure that out. When I first started blogging as a biz, I was posting 10 different kinds of stuff; recipes, DIY, sewing, etc etc. and my blog wasn’t going ANYWHERE. But then I came up with an idea to do what I loved most which is make bags and I stuck to it like two magnets, defined my audience, helped them out with free resources, made sewing patterns and BOOM! Now I earn income on auto pilot in my sleep.

I have a clear cut definition of who my audience/customer is and what they want which helps me in serving them better. Instead of targeting the whole world, I’m helping out a small group who wants to learn to sew bags.

Do you get what I mean?

Instead of making bags for the WHOLE world, focus on ONE small niche and make bags for THEM! One good example is making bag sets for Essential Oil users or making diaper bags for moms. Your main theme would be diaper bags and on the side you can offer small pouches, changing mats etc. to compliment your bags.

This will help you in giving you a clear cut idea of WHO your customer is and it will also help you in communicating with them in a better way.

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3. Not Building Relationships With Existing Customers

Do you know its easier to sell something to an existing customer compared to selling something to a total stranger?

Why? Because they have already bought something from you, know the quality of the bags you make and will most LIKELY buy from you again. After all, one has so many friends and family for who they can order a bag. So give them a reason to BUY AGAIN.

Make them happy, give a 10% off discount on second order or a free pouch on next order or something like that so they come RUNNING for you like everybody runs after molten chocolate lava cake. Ah, I really feel like having one now!

A lot of marketers get on the phone to chat with their customers but to me, that’s downright creepy and weird. If you think the same, you can always start a Facebook group like “Christy Bags Fam Bam” or “Trendy Totes Fan Club” or whatever you fancy, to stay in touch with your customers

But DO put an effort to get back to your customers and walk the extra mile to establish a good relationship with them.

4. Not Using Social Media At Its Max. Potential

Every now and then I come across a bag maker who DOES NOT have a Pinterest or Facebook account! My gosh, the thought itself is scary.

Like, how could you girl!

Social medias like Pinterest and Facebook have potential to drive FREE traffic to your site, generating MORE income. You JUST need to know the RIGHT way to use it.

Don’t believe me? Check out the stats below. I get 98% of FREE traffic to my blog Sew Some Stuff from Pinterest every single month which helps me in making $$ by just spending 1-2 hours on Pinterest weekly.

And trust me, girl. This can be YOU!

Pinterest HAS the potential to drive crazy traffic to your shop bringing orders EVERY SINGLE DAY. So stop ignoring it and learn to use it strategically for you bag biz.

5. Not Using Email Marketing

Countless marketers have said this again and again and AGAIN….

The money is in the list!

And yet, I have come across SO many bag makers who don’t even know what an email list is. How shocking is that!

Trust me, girl NOTHING beats the power of an email list and I know this first hand. Why?

  1. It helps you land in the most private area of your customer (not what you’re thinking) aka the INBOX.
  2. It helps in staying in touch on a long lasting basis. Kind of goes hand in hand with the building a relationship with your customer.
  3. It’s the FIRST step towards building a relationship with your customer.
  4. You OWN your email list, nothing can come between your list and you! It might sound romantic but IT’S TRUE. Etsy can shut down your shop, Facebook can shut down your page/group, but your email list is YOURS forever to cherish and get in touch with it.
  5. Helps you stand out in a saturated market by putting YOUR product in front of the customer. A lot of people complain there’s too much competition on Etsy, but when you send out an email with JUST your bag in there with a purchase link, chances are they will buy from YOU and just you right away.

I can go ON and ON about the power of email list, but I don’t want to take too much of your time. If you would like to read about my success with email lists, you can check out my post here.

The End

With that, we have reached the end of the post where I shared with you 5 mistakes bag makers make which ruins their bag biz.

Let me know in the comments which mistakes are you guilty of and how do you plan on fixing them.

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  1. I am one of those bag makers who makes bags for everyone………..haven’t found my nitch. Also launched an ETSY store just as you described……ah well time to get some guidance and make this work!

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