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3 Must Have Social Medias for Bagpreneurs

Hey bagpreneurs!

It’s so good to see the interaction and hype in the group after the last webinar on Photography. I certainly had an amazing time in the last webinar and after reading your awesome feedback I feel you girls did too, which makes me nothing more than SUPER HAPPY.

Today, 13th July 2017 was A HUGE day for me. I finally took the plunge and got some official blog photos taken. 😀

It’s a BIG deal for me as I never felt comfortable putting myself out there especially because of the way I dress. I thought due to the political madness going on around the world at the moment I’ll get all sorts of back lash and hateful comments which I wasn’t ready for.

But with all the love and support I have gotten from everyone in the Sew Some Stuff sewing group and the enormous amount of super sweet emails, I feel much more confident now and I have also come to terms with the fact that no matter what we do, some people will hate us while others will love us. Always! So if we want to do something we should just proceed with it and not care about the negatives and JUST focus on the positive things people say.

So thanks EVERYONE for all the love and support and giving me the courage to be myself here. *BIG VIRTUAL HUG*

Okay enough with the emotional stuff, let’s get down to business now.

In this post I’m sharing 3 social medias you MUST be on if you’re selling bags.

Top 3 Social Medias for Bagpreneurs

Honestly tell me, do you feel overwhelmed with ALL the different social media channels out there? If yes, trust me, you’re not alone girl! I’m in this with you.

There’s Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Stumbleupon, Twitter etc. etc. GOSH! How are you supposed to stay up-to date with SO many different things considering the fact that you have gazillion bags to sew!

Well…. here’s the answer. You don’t!

Yep, really, you do NOT need to be on ALL those social media platforms all the time.

All you need are just 3 of those from the above mentioned list.

  1. Instagram
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook

Surprised? That’s okay.

So why these three?

Well, because an online bag biz is all about the visuals. People will only buy your bags when they SEE what they look like. So you NEED TO BE on platforms where the focus is on pictures – things people can see.

While Pinterest and Instagram are major players when it comes to promoting something visual, Facebook is good for developing trust and building a community of loyal fans.

Now let’s look at the benefits of each of them individually.


1. Pinterest

If you’re selling bags, you’re making a HUGE mistake if you haven’t befriended Pinterest yet. I swear.

Why? Because that’s ONE place that can drive THOUSANDS of sales without zero monetary investment, although you would need to allocate separate timings daily or weekly to manually pin your products on boards to get them in front of your customers.

Don’t believe me?

Here are some Pinterest success stories.

“Adore Me” a lingerie brand, has increased their revenue by 4000% thanks to Pinterest.

Carl Christensen and his wife Ina who operate small businesses in New Hope, Pa., and use Pinterest in conjunction with Etsy, generate $60,000 in annual revenue by just pinning their products on Pinterest – Details here.

“By generating content on Pinterest on a regular basis, we’ve been able to connect with a new audience who share our love for street style, fashion inspiration, beauty and so much more,” Pungaliya from Poshmark. – Read in detail here.

And you can find MANY more stories like these ALL over the Internet.

In-fact, the success of my blog Sew Some Stuff also lies mostly on Pinterest which is the number one source of traffic for my site. Here’s a screenshot of the referrals for past 30 days and you can see Pinterest is on the top bringing almost 95k visitors/sessions.

To sum up, if you can get hold of Pinterest and start strategically pinning your bags on the site, it’s a guarantee that your sales will boost. All you gotta do is get in front of the RIGHT audience.

And did I tell you, some businesses have seen that customers from Pinterest tend to spend a lot higher on their sites compared to others. IMAGINE selling 10 bags in a day! Dream come true.

So what are you waiting for? Hop onto Pinterest now and set up a Business profile with several engaging boards that can attract your customers.



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2. Instagram

Instagram is another major source of FREE advertising.

Stats say that up-to  68% of Instagram users are women which means once you understand the basics of Instagram you can actually drive massive bag sales by getting in front of these women. All you gotta do is post engaging gorgeous photos of bags with the right hashtags to get in front of your DREAM client.

Also make sure to use the “story” feature on Instagram to share behind the scenes of your bag making process to bedazzle your audience.

Here are some great Instagram success stories to drive inspiration from.


3. Facebook

Lastly, we have Facebook.

With time, getting in front of your audience through Facebook has been a real pain in *insert whatever you like*.

Once upon a time I wasted 3-4 hours/day posting on my Facebook page trying to raise my reach and likes but it turned out to be a real time sucker with very little return. 🙁

Hence I don’t really recommend putting much effort there.


It’s a great place to form a community and interact with your customers so the BEST strategy is to start a Facebook group for your brand.

Based on the recent news from Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is now leaning towards building engaging Facebook groups and soon groups will gain more popularity than anything on Facebook which means this is the right time to get started by building a group for your brand. Just make sure your group name and settings are well defined to attract the right type of customers.


The End

With that we have reached the end of this article where I shared with you THREE social media platforms that you need to be on THIS instant to boost your bag biz.




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One thought on “3 Must Have Social Medias for Bagpreneurs

  1. Impressive screen shot. To quote a favorite line from When Harry Met Sally, “I want what she’ having!” I have a different niche from your bags, but I can relate all too well. Thanks. Your insights are helping me to know where to fine tune for my Shopify store.
    My next problem to solve is that I “NEED” to write a novel on my descriptions. I want to get my tag words in. I feel like I have to get in everything on each product the “not for children under age 3” If I have “latex or shrimp or gluten free” ( not appicable ) Then I have to make sure my store policies that I’m not a Fast Food drive thru’ on every prodct. ( I know my target market’s buying habits)…And then…huff and puff…I have to make sure I have the link to click on for add on sales….breathe…because I sell 80% directly off of Pinterest with BUY-able PIns. Most only look at the images rather than reading. I can’t make any one read, but I must have my policies published. I’m looking for your insights.

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